If you’re starting an online business or already running one, you may already be aware of the ease of getting caught up surfing the web all day.

It’s easy to start the day with positive, productive intentions but it’s also easy to get sidetracked and start clicking links which lead all over the web. This makes it hard to get any work done once you make a habit of being distracted.

So how can you get back on track and make sure that you produce the quality and quantity of work you need to have a successful business?

Well, here’s a great system for making sure that you get everything you need done and have time to spare every day.

1) Before you even turn the computer on or sit at it, get a piece of paper and write out your intentions of the day. You need to be detailed and write everything that you want to get done including steps and what you will need to get the job done. Be complete.

2) Turn the computer on and disable the Internet. Now take your list and put a star next to each item that can be done without Internet access. This is a powerful way to make sure you don’t get distracted.

You may be saying, “I run an Internet business, how can I do it without the Internet”?

That’s a good question but think hard about what the Internet is required for. Much of running an Internet based business is composing content and writing e-mails. You can use a text program to compose all of your text without Internet access.

Also, say you want to search for JV partners and write them e-mails. First write the e-mail you will be sending to potential JV partners, THEN get online and find their e-mails and e-mail them.

3) Set e-mail checking for twice daily and never more. E-mail can cripple your time, it’s easy to sit there checking e-mail every 30 seconds looking for an expected message or sales notification but that’s going to kill your efficiency.

You don’t want to check your e-mail right when you get online. Do everything in step #1 and #2 first and then check your e-mail for the first time. Then set one additional time, preferably at the end of the day to check messages and reply to anything important.

You don’t need to have your e-mail program open 24 hours a day and run to the computer when you hear a message bell.

4) When the workday is over, turn the computer off and clear your mind. Spend time with your family and clear your head. You don’t want to spend 19 hours a day online and neglect your family. Not to mention that you’ll start having eye site problems if you stay on for prolonged periods of time.

About Elizabeth Penaranda

Eliza is a web developer for international clients to build their brand using her design skills and programming expertise... She has 2 years experience as a Collection specialist with one of the biggest call center company in the Philippines.

One Response to “Time Management For Internet Marketers”

  1. Brett Baney

    Very good advice! I’m always glued to either my work computer, personal laptop, or phone.


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